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It is day 19 of our series of Independent Business on The Bay

I have worked as a Team Leader, supporting vulnerable adults in a supported living environment for a period of 12yrs, I have a passion for helping people and with my can do attitude, we find alternative ways of achieving things, never say your not able to do something!

I studied hard to achieve my Diploma level 2 in Autism, Diploma level 3&5 in management & leadership and other qualifications, however over the years my job changed to more of an admin role, something I wasn’t happy with?

So, I decided to look into starting my own business. Morecambe & Lancaster don’t have a sensory room, people have to travel to Kendal or Preston. This is how I came up with the idea of a sensory room and hydrotherapy hot tub. Having worked with individuals with Autism, I know how they struggle with sensory sensitivities and how they would feel the benefit from being able to access a sensory room. Now we have access to this in our local area, this will be great for families to experience it together and also with friends

The staff at Serene know a lot about how our children and young people struggle and are able to not only show an awareness of Autism but also accept that our families need this in their lives. We look forward to using the sensory room but also being able to get our children's haircut by hairdressers who understand the sensory impact this can have on some children too.

Serene Sensory-Salon Unit 2, Park road Middleton business park Middleton Heysham LA3 3PX

01524 874850 Serene Salon & Sensory http://www.facebook.com/SereneSalonAndSensory/ Serensensory-salon@outlook.com

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