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How well do you know TCC team?

Many of you may already know the team here at The Consult Centre. However, we thought we would introduce ourselves again and give a real insight into the lives of The Consult Centre team!


"The Consult Centre is not just a job, it’s a family."

Meet Nikki, our Office Manager.

Nikki has worked at TCC for nearly 3 awesome years and is in charge of booking appointments, answering emails & calls and, most importantly, singing the team a good morning song!

Nikki says; "I love to start the morning where we gather as a team, discussing the day before and the plan for the day. If everyone's smiling at the end, then that’s a successful start to the morning!"

Along with her husband John and TCC's two young Apprentices', Gabriella & Sienna, Nikki enjoys adventuring with the goal of climbing all the Wainwrights (there is 214 and they have done 45!)

"After a few jobs, I landed here at The Consult Centre, in April 2020. Probably the best move I have made so far!"

I'm sure many of you have met our Lesley (you'd definitely remember if you did!)

Lesley joined TCC in April 2020 and is one of our Senior Content and Design Managers and is an expert at finding out what makes her clients tick. She gets to know them so that she can create content that really matches their personalities and, most importantly, their business.

Lesley says; "A specialist skill of mine is making people laugh... I mean, if I can't break out in song about what we have just discussed, can we even be friends?"

In her spare time, Lesley likes exploring the amazing area we live in, shopping for new balls for her French Bulldog Marley (our official meeter and greeter) or chilling on the sofa watching movies with her partner, Denise.

"My aim every single day is to do the best possible job for my clients."

Greg 'Jasper Carrot' Lambert is another of our Senior Content and Design Managers' and joined TCC in June 2020.

So what does Greg bring to the team? For starters, a ton of experience, mainly from his long career in local newspaper and radio journalism.

His design style is very much centred around getting attention for your business via big, bold, positive headline-grabbing statements to catch the eye.

Greg says; "Every member of our team is so talented and passionate about creating great social media for great people, delivering great results!"

If he's not at The Consult Centre, you can usually find him with his wife and two children, hosting many of the community events in the Lancaster and Morecambe area, or presenting his weekly show on local community radio station Beyond Radio!

"So much has happened, from managing my own clients, new training opportunities and learning what it means to be part of TCC team!"

Khaalisa is our Apprentice Designer and Content Manager who Joined TCC in March 2021. Initially working from home, it was about a month before she had met any of the team in person or even stepped foot in the office!

As well as managing her own clients' accounts, Khaalisa also writes for our blog and does film production & editing for our clients and TCC.

Khaalisa says; "I enjoy improving my skills in photography/filmmaking and editing as these are things I genuinely enjoy, which makes me so grateful that I have a job that allows me to do just that!"

In her spare time, Khaalisa also enjoys baking (especially sweet things, usually with caramel or chocolate) with cookies being her personal favourite!

"We're always coming up with new ideas that help us grow as professionals, so it's great being able-bodied enough right now because things can only get better."

Taylor, one of our Junior Design and Content Managers has been working at The Consult Centre for five months and is an essential part of the team.

You can find him creating designs for his client's social media, editing podcasts or making changes to websites.

He is knowledgeable in both CSS and HTML and has experience with Web design, User Interface development as well as Search Engine Optimisation so that you can have the best chance of success from day one!

Taylor says; "Web design and digital marketing are in my blood. With Level 3 qualifications in both Principles of Coding and Digital Marketing, I'm qualified to turn your vision into a reality with my wide range of digital expertise."

In his spare time, he enjoys watching Formula One, Football and MMA fights!

"It has been exciting to try new things, meet new people and step out of my comfort zone."

Originally from Greece, Jacob, our other Junior Design and Content Managers moved to Morecambe in 2010 and joined the team at the same time as Taylor.

While Jacob looks after his own clients' accounts, he's a dab hand with a camera (as you can see from the team's lovely portraits) and is our resident photographer!

He also gets involved in video production & editing too.

Jacob says; "The team are such a friendly, kind and supportive bunch. They've helped me settle in quickly and feel at ease, as I’m generally quite a shy person."

Jacob's main hobby is photography. He likes to focus on fashion and portrait photography and also enjoys mountain biking and travelling back home to Greece during the summer.

"We love getting involved with our client's goals. We work with you as a client and you become part of The Consult Centre family."

And last, but certainly not least, is our Ruth Wilkinson, Founder of The Consult Centre.

Ruth started The Consult Centre five years ago, originally as a coaching

and training company that offered training on all aspects of business management, specialising in digital media.

After many requests from clients, The Consult Centre began to undertake the management of our client's social media platforms, and as the demand grew we expanded our team and skills.

Ruth says; "We work hard every day to ensure we are doing our best, going above and beyond what is expected."

Ruth lives in Morecambe and helps out with many charities and committees in the area, all with the aim of increasing visitors and businesses to help Morecambe thrive. Ruth also has a daughter, Antonia, who is 26 now and lives away from home.

In her spare time, you can find Ruth out walking Archie, her 4-year-old cocker spaniel, metal detecting and watching any history documentary you can imagine!


At The Consult Centre, we have a 'no fuss' approach. Some clients come to us just to set up adverts, some clients come to us to set up and build their social media pages, and others come to us for complete management of all their accounts.

We also have in house photographers, videographers and blog/content writers!

So we pretty much have our clients covered.

So if you're looking for a well-rounded team that are Accredited Facebook and Google Pros, with the skills and ability to ensure your brand gets noticed, then give us a call on 01524 418225 or email us at enquiries@theconsultcentre.com.

The team can't wait to hear from you!

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