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Free business guidance Q & A call,

Free business guidance Q & A call, in response to government announcements, grants, funding, business & personal financial and business practice. Joining you on the call this Friday 27th 7pm - answering your questions are; Tarnia Elsworth & Annabel Lumsden - TP Financial Solutions - https://www.tpfinancialsolutions.co.uk/ Nicola Combe - Morecambe Bay Wills and Estates - https://www.morecambebaywills.co.uk/ Christine Harwood - Accounts Matters Ltd. https://www.accountsmatters.co.uk/ Phil Tarbun - Blend Accountants - https://blend.accountants/ Janet Whitworth - Whitworth Consulting Limited - https://www.whitworthconsulting.co.uk/ Ruth Wilkinson - The Consult Centre - https://www.theconsultcentre.com Gail Escolme - from https://www.gailescolmelegal.co.uk You can submit questions during the live broadcast, or if you wish to have a response guaranteed by the panel, please submit your question on this post or by email to hello@theconsultcentre.com No log on details are needed for this call - just ensure you are logged on The Consult Centre Facebook page The Consult Centre Ltd www.facebook.com/theconsultcentre at 7pm UK to watch and interact with the live broadcast. *Please note the call aims to provide guidance only, each and every situation is different and personal, this guidance does not constitute advice and is given on a best endeavours basis* Should you wish to gain specific advice, particular to your situation , please feel free to contact any of the panel after the call. Please be respectful of others, and show kindness in your comments and questions. If we can not answer a question, we will commit to taking that question away and coming back with a response.

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