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Behind The Brand Series from The Consult Centre

I am a grandmother, which I adore being, and I am an abstract artist as well as therapist and yoga teacher all of which I love doing. I like simple, quick to make meals, having family and friends to stay, walks on the beach, snuggling in on a winters' day, living in Morecambe and going out for breakfast. Kindness, fairness, time for meditation and yoga are important to me.

I have always done something to help people feel better. As a youngster I hugged people (still do). Now I have training, a set of techniques in several therapies and 20 years experience in CranioSacral therapy to help people feel better. I particularly like to work with women and babies (although I don't exclude men). I believe that by treating babies (birth trauma, premature birth, anxiety etc) and addressing any issues early they will grow up more settled, confident and more physically balanced and aligned. And as we women are the ones to gestate a new life, birth and feed these little ones I believe mums need to be okay too. I am keenly interested in epigenetics (qualities that are "on top of" or "in addition to" the traditional genes we inherit. Or - for me, I see this as molecular memory. Memory held at a deep level - of trauma, wisdom and gifts inherited down our ancestral line. I use CranioSacral therapy, with somatoemotional release techniques, to help release this ancestral trauma and also to deal with the stresses, strains and trauma of everyday life.

I work at Dacrelands Clinic and Wytch Way in Lancaster and can be contacted on 07930 531 588 & Facebook Trish/Well/Being & trish@HandfulOfCherries.com &www.HandfulOfCherries.com.

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