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Are you a business owner?

Are you a business owner? Do you need some extra help and guidance to push the exponential growth of your business?

Look no further than The Consult Centre!

The Business Owner Academy is back!

The Leadership Academy runs twice a year. This is a six-month course with attendance required for a 3-hour group session, in the evening - every two weeks. Each biweekly session is designed to address different areas of learning to develop your core personal and commercial skills!Another thing we cover in the Business Owner Academy is the use and importance of Web and Social Media presence.Essentially, put simply, Web and Social Media presence refer to how they post and engage on all of their accounts. It refers to how frequently you post, the type of content posted, and the levels of engagement on your social media accounts!Here at the academy, you will learn how to do this efficiently and learn why you need it.This course is suitable for: Startup owners, Corporate, Government, Small Business and Business Owners. Book your tickets now:

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